Surrogate - David   Bernstein I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Another very enjoyable novella from Darkfuse who is my go-to publisher for horror these days.

Rebecca and Tom are unable to have children and opt to engage the services of a ethically challenged doctor who clones humans (and then ages them rapidly some how or the other that is not explained) for use as baby incubators. Additionally, again some how or the other and again not explained, the pissed off soul of an abused woman (Jane) who is killed finds its way into Rebecca’s clone. With me so far?

I am sounding like I didn’t like the book and that isn’t true. I actually read a bunch of it at work off of my phone because I really wanted to see how it came out. I hate giving away too much of the plot but I will say that when Jane makes her cross-over into Rebecca’s clone the action gets ramped up several notches. Jane is the engine that moves this story and her interaction with Rebecca was riveting. I was hooked and had to read to the finish once those two got together and I read through to the end.

And, well, yeah......the ending.

Abrupt doesn’t even begin to describe it. More like someone kicking out the plug from the stereo. Again, I am sounding like I didn’t like the novella, which isn’t true. From the moment that Jane makes her appearance, this novella is pure suspense and action. I really enjoyed it and it makes me want to seek out more stories by Bernstein because the guy can really write a thriller.

All things considered (some may be more or less bothered by the plot issues I outlined) I enjoyed this novella quite a bit and give it 3.5 stars with points taken away for plot issues and the ending.