Crooked House

Crooked House - Joe McKinney, Wayne Miller My first McKinney book and I know that this is light fare considering that he has written some pretty deep and hard hitting stuff. I have those on my Kindle and will get to them but I wasn’t in the mood for anything deep or hard hitting. I was in the mood for a straight ahead B movie style haunted house story and this was a good one. I got exactly what I wanted.

It was also quite a bit of fun to read a story based in San Antonio, Texas—especially with Trinity University (my wife’s alma mater) figuring into the plot line. Yeah, I know, McKinney calls it Lightner (which by the way is the name of one of the dorms at Trinity) but the editor actually missed a few references and “Trinity” slipped in. Oops…

If you want a traditional haunted house story that is fun and a quick read then this will do quite nicely.