Crossing the Line: A Paris Homicide Mystery

Crossing the Line: A Paris Homicide Mystery - Frédérique Molay, Anne Trager This is the second in Molay’s Nico Sirsky series is set in Paris and I have already added the third to my TBR pile.  Less frenetic in pace than the The 7th Woman, it was no less compelling.  More intricately (and interestingly) plotted with twists and turns galore I devoured this installment just as quickly as the first.  You know a book is good when it is late and you are already tired but contemplating pushing on for another hour or two just to find out what happened and weighing whether being tired the next day is worth it.

As the blurb says---the story starts out with medical students finding a message hidden in a tooth in a subject in their anatomy class.  What is written in that message sets into motion a series of surprising twists that add up to a very entertaining mystery.  Nico and his team run all over Paris unraveling a very complex plot as the body count mounts. 

I particularly enjoy the detail that Molay puts into this work.   Detailed backgrounds of the various locations and a real sense of place make Paris come alive and provide fascinating bits of trivia and history.  I love it when authors go the extra mile like this. 

My only complaint and why this book went from 5 stars down to 4 is that I didn’t like the way the story was wrapped up.  I don’t know how to go into any more detail without spoiling the story so I just won’t. 

I also have to mention that if you are contemplating donating your body to science upon your death---you may reconsider after reading Crossing the Line.   Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe it.