Little Black Lies

Little Black Lies - S.J. Bolton I received an ARC copy of this novel from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is my fourth book by Bolton and I can safely say that I am a fan. Not a cozy writer by any means, her stories are dark and gothic in tone. I also love mysteries (or any novel, really) set in isolated locations. Being cut off from the rest of the world ratchets up the tension for me. As you can see, at this point I am already pre-disposed to like this story. Add to it a foreign location with a strong historical background and I really can’t ask for anything more. Immediately download, load up on the Kindle, and start reading---which is what I did. Oh, also plan for lack of sleep because these types of stories demand your attention.

Little Black Lies is a dark story about child abduction and murder in the Falklands. The isolation and lack of infrastructure and high tech crime techniques make this a fertile ground for a serial killer. Not only do they not have dedicated forensic criminologists and lab facilities, some residents still rely on horses to get around. In this setting the killer holds most of the cards, leaving the police and residents chasing their tails in bewildered ineffectiveness. Children are missing and time is short to protect them from their abductor or even the elements in this often harsh environment. Emotions run high and mob mentality rules.

Utilizing a narrative framework that has become popular recently we have overlapping first person accounts of three central characters and it works quite well her, as it did in The Girl on the Train or Gone Girl. Not easy to pull off, but in the hands of a skilled writer, the tension can be palpable. Bolton utilizes this technique to meticulously set the stage for a whirlwind final act that twists and turns like a snake on a hot highway, leaving the reader racing (and guessing) all the way to the devastating finale.

Loved it. 5 stars.