Ghosts of Eden - Keith Deininger

I was given an ARC ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My second book by Keith Deininger, who I feel is a very good writer, and both are very different. Both “Ghosts of Eden” and the novella “Marrow’s Pit” were from Darkfuse, which is a great publisher of horror, speculative/sci-fi, fantasy, and crime/noir.

I liked “Marrow’s Pit” better but that is because I tend to like sci-fi better than fantasy, but both were extremely well written. “Ghosts of Eden” however fits squarely into the fantasy genre and would appeal even to the YA fantasy crowd if you removed a few scenes and images—and if they like their fantasy very, very dark.

Two damaged and disenfranchised young people with nowhere to turn are dropped off at dear old uncle Xander’s house basically because no one else wants them. Uncle Xander sure does and not in a good way. Xander is a scientist who has discovered a world or worlds beyond pure science and has devoted his life instead to magic. He has plans for the both of them and begins their “training” almost immediately.

What starts as a really odd school of wizardry/magic under the tutelage of dear old, messed up, depraved, and endearing in no way uncle Xander (think Lemony Snicket but ten times as bad) turns into an all out war that will satisfy any fan of fantasy and magic.

If you enjoy dark fantasy, you will really enjoy Ghost of Eden. It has it all. Great characters, a compelling story, and dark and disturbing imagery you will not soon forget.