Last of the Albatwitches - Brian Keene

Brian Keene is one of my favorite writers.  I don’t like calling a writer a “horror” writer, a “mystery” writer, or even worse, a “literary” writer.  A story or novel can be horror, a mystery, or literary, but the same quality makes all of these types of novels/stories worth reading and that is just plain old good writing.  Do I care about the characters?  Is the protagonist a compelling figure?  Does the plot move along so that I want to know what happens?  Is there more going on than just a recitation of events?  Does the writer write with a skill that takes me out of the book, beyond the written words, and into the world that he/she is creating?  If the answer to those is yes, then that person is a good writer.  Period.


Brian Keene is definitely a good writer.  The fact that I enjoy the genre in which he writes is irrelevant. 


I really like Levi Stofus as a main character and am looking forward to reading more of his adventures.  The latest installment does not disappoint.  The only complaint that I have, and it is a mild one, is that these two stories are obviously stand alone stories but I wish they had been melded a bit better in this collection. Since the action is sequential and reads like one really long story in two acts, we didn’t need some of the repetitive parts.  That sounds a bit nit-picky I know.  Oh well. 


Anyone who reads and enjoys Brian Keene needs to add this one to their collection.